Project Manager




Often small firms do not have the dedicated staff to oversee multiple projects.  This is especially true in growing companies.  Remaining flexible in today’s environment is paramount. Temporary support can be found by adding a project manager to the team on a contract basis.  The role of a Project Manager is to coordinate the necessary elements, both internally and externally, to facilitate successful completion of a project.



This position represents the contractor during the construction of a project and provides a Single Point of Contact for the owner, designer, vendors, and subcontractors.  The Project Manager monitors the project’s progress in accordance with requirements and provides frequent updates on progress and cost.  In addition, for projects with self-performed as well as subcontracted services, schedules work to minimize conflicts and maximize performance.




·         Evaluate plans and specifications

·         Prepare quantity takeoffs

·         Setup estimate in system

·         Solicit quotes, review, & make recommendations

·         Create preliminary schedule

·         Prepare prequalification questionnaires

·         Prepare proposals

·         Establish budget

·         Coordinate local municipal permit approvals

·         Photograph site prior to construction beginning



·         Provide conduit for communication from contractor to the owner and architect

·         Assist with temporary facilities

·         Schedule & manage subcontractors, vendors, deliveries

·         Monitor progress and troubleshoot issues as arise

·         Communicate changes to effected parties

·         Report expenditures verses budgets

·         Prepare and update project schedule

·         Facilitate regular progress meetings and provide detailed meeting minutes

·         Prepare change requests

·         Prepare progress pay applications

·         Prepare submittals and requests for information

·         Resolve questions/facilitate answers

·         Monitor approval process of material/color selections to ensure timeliness

·         Photograph project progress


Post Construction

·         Coordinate punch list development  and progress toward completion

·         Direct removal of temporary facilities & cleanup



·         Interface with designers as needed

·         Find cost efficient ways to perform work

·         Locate subcontractors to join team