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Civil Construction Solutions (CCS) is a woman owned, HUBZone certified organization located in Birmingham, Alabama that offers innovative services to the construction industry and is dedicated to creating a better project delivery system to assist owners, designers, and contractors in the successful completion of projects.  These services include construction management, project management, project support, accounting services and the reengineering of the organizational structure.  CCS services are marketed to individual owners, contractors, civil engineering firms, architects and design build organizations.


CCS was founded in 2010.  The business model was conceived from observations made during years of employment in the government and private sectors.


·         As a municipal employee, it was apparent that contractors and owners had a difficult time navigating the various departments to get their projects approved and secure the proper permitting.  In turn, the municipality needed a better understanding of contracts and contractors.  The first tenant of the business was born from an opportunity to act as the interface between the designer/contractor/owner and government regulators.


·         In the private sector of the civil construction industry holding positions responsible for project management function, estimating function and forecasting of project profitability lead to interaction with many construction firms.  The second tenant of the business materialized when many of these firms did not have the in-house expertise or work processes to effectively deal with sophisticated general contractors and manage company growth.


·         Later working with designers and owners during the approval process and construction of projects to assist with navigating municipal regulations to project approvals as well as ensure that the owner received a quality project on scope, under budget, and on time.  The realization of the disconnect between designers, owners and contractors led to the belief that there is a better way to deliver projects and the third tenant of the business emerged. 


CCS is dedicated to assisting owners/designers/contractors navigate the government regulators, small contractors handle peak project loads as well as expand operations, owners successful complete complex capital projects, and utilize a new project delivery system that will connect owners/designers/contractors to ensure successful projects.


After attending years of networking opportunities and making the best of any opportunity available, I have established myself and the company through repeat business, referrals and work acquisition efforts. 


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